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How to participate in Solar DAO crowdsale

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Simple steps to participate in Pre-ICO crowdsale. You need to have Ethereum wallet: MEW / Mist / Parity / ImToken.

Solar DAO Crowdsale website:

How to participate in Solar DAO Pre-ICO

To participate in any Ethereum token sale you need a wallet service or an application where you and you only holds your private keys. Private keys are needed to interact with smart contract functions, like transferring tokens.


Step-by-step manual

  1. Get Ether (ETH). You can buy it in a cryptocurrency exchange
  2. Transfer Ether to a compatible wallet (see below)
  3. Send a deposit to smart contract address (token sale address) with correct data and gas limit values
  4. Add info about SDAO tokens.

Sending a token sale transaction

token sale deposit transactions need to have non-default gas limit (a.k.a. transaction maximum gas). This is because token sale transactions are more complex than simple Ethereum transfer transactions. The default gas limits is too low to correctly perform a token sale deposit.

To participate you need to fill your transaction with following details:

  • **To Address: **this is given you on the crowdsalse deposit page
  • **Amount to Send: **amount of Ether you want to participate with
  • **Gas limit: **gas tells that this is a smart contract transaction and is more expensive than normal Ether transfer.

Please use 210 000 gas limit when participating in Solar DAO Pre-ICO.

Note: If you are using please double check your the gas limit field value after filling the data field. MyEtherWallet may reset the gas value to an invalid number after inputting the data field.

Smart contract

Crowdsale contract: 0x1103849f41222A4C348515331f0E734D4bD9AD34

You can read about — how Solar DAO Pre-ICO contract works.

Compatible wallets

The following wallets are known to be compatible with Ethereum tokens (ERC-20 standard):


Please, DO NOT send Ether from crypto exchanges. Your funds could be lost. First move your ETH to a compatible wallet in the above list.

If something goes wrong… check gas limit you use

If you set gas limit value too low your transaction is rejected and automatically refunded. The transaction might not appear in the blockchain explorer.

If your transaction has been rejected, please try to use more gas before resending.

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