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Solar DAO at a glance (Intro)

26.07.2017 — 0

PV Solar Plant

Solar DAO at a glance. Resources and intro. What is Solar DAO and how it works. All in one place about the Project =)


About Solar DAO

Solar DAO is a closed-end investment fund based on Ethereum blockchain. It designed to reduce risks, costs and surpass technical barriers while investing in PV solar plants worldwide. It raises funds and subsidizes PV solar plants across the globe. 100% of the profit will be distributed among project participants with smart contact.

PV solar plants produce electricity from sunlight and sell it to the grid with a dedicated tariff, which is fixed for up to 25 years.

In the next 4 years we will construct solar power plants in Israel, Portugal, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.

Funds for PV plants will be raised during the ICO for tokens. Tokens grant access to 100% of the project’s profit and we will facilitate dividend distribution for token holders quarterly. Solar DAO provides an opportunity for everyone to invest in PV solar plants worldwide and gain profit , just like major investors have.

Project Team has been working in photovoltaics since 1991. We implemented 70+ MW PV solar plants in Europe. Developed 270 MW plants in Russia and 150 MW in Kazakhstan. We have dedicated PV solar cells and modules production facilities in Russia, Spain, Germany and South Africa. Nowadays we are working on projects in Israel, Portugal, Slovenia, Kazakhstan and do projects pre-selection for further construction after ICO.

Constructed PV plants will be refinanced to construct new ones. More and more. This will lead to constant solar plants with total capacity growth.

The preliminary ICO will be held from July the 27th until August the 31st, and could be finished earlier if we collect the max cap of this stage ($4M).

The ICO will be held in 2 stages:

  • Pre-ICO: from July 27th to August 31st. Max cap $4M.
  • Core ICO: starts at the end of October

Feel free to chat with Solar DAO team in Telegram:

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