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[!] Crowdsale Smart Contract Migration

28.07.2017 — 0

Due to security reasons, Solar DAO crowdsale smart contract migrated to another address. Please pay attention. New contract works fine.

Attention, please!

We migrated crowdsale smart contract:

  • Old: 0xAdb6E66F41FEA754Ea91D46c63E5211b889AAEcb (doesn’t work)
  • NEW: 0x1103849f41222A4C348515331f0E734D4bD9AD34

Why did we do that??

To prevent users’ funds theft. We hired 3 teams to audit our contract before final deployment. They did not find any problems and risks.

But our brave programmers have found theoretical****possibility to change contract owner. It means hackers could change it and steal funds and tokens. To prevent this we had to deploy new contract version.

Finally, several hours ago we deployed new safe contract version and connected it with token smart contract. New contract does not have problems previous one had.

We are totally serious and responsible about our users’ funds. We are very attentive and picky about smart contracts security. Thanks to the attention and scrutiny of our programmers we managed to prevent funds theft.

What next?

Now all smart contracts work correcty and could be safely used.

In addition, we added additional service to monitor our smart contract in the 24/7 mode. If something happens we will be informed immediately.

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