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How to get Solar DAO Tokens step by step

29.07.2017 — 0

How to purchase and manage Solar DAO Tokens

You can store all your tokens (Ethereum) in one wallet. At first, you should have Ethereum wallet. The most easy way to get it is to use MyEtherWallet.

MyEtherWallet is a free, open-source, client-side interface for generating Ethereum wallets & more. Using it you don’t need to download the whole blockchain. Here’s a link to use it:

Please, DO NOT send Ether to smart contract from crypto exchanges. You can lose your funds.

Step 1. Creating new wallet.

Go to, make up reliable password and enter it here:

Click the button “Create New Wallet”.

Step 2. Save your wallet.

Download a back-up UTC file by pushing the following button:

Then click on the “Continue” button.

Step 3.

You will be given a personal private key that should be saved.

To be totally safe, do not store your private key on your computer. Instead of it click and “Print Paper Wallet”. It will be your “cold” storage.

Step 4. Open your wallet

Choose “Keystore File (UTC / JSON)” from the list on the next page and then select your back-up file you previously saved. You can also access your wallet with private key you had to save in previous step.

After selecting you are to enter password.

Unlock your Wallet by pressing the button.

You will see your Ether address and the Account balance there.

Below the Account Balance, you will see the Tokens box. You can click on “Show All Tokens” to view all the tokens. If you have participated in earlier ICO’s and you will see the balance of the token there. If it doesn’t exist there, you click add Custom Token.

Step 5. Add SDAO Tokens

Right now your wallet cannot see SDAO tokens. Now we need to “add” them. Complete the form in previous step using information below:

  • Token smart contract address: 0x646Cec6ee42d258336165cBbD5deB4AF14F0f476
  • Token symbol: SDAO
  • Decimals: 4

When you finish, click ‘Save’.

Once added, you can see these tokens and the token value in the same page.

Step 6. Purchase some SDAO tokens (if you didn’t)

Go to and click “Invest now” button.

Accept conditions to continue.

Here you should see new block with details to invest. Here you need the crowdsale contract: 0x1103849f41222A4C348515331f0E734D4bD9AD34.

Copy contract address. Next you should send your Ether to crowdsale smart contract address (token sale address) with correct gas limit value.

Step 7. Send your Ether to get SDAO tokens

To get tokens you just need to send desired amount of Ether to crowdsale smart contract address you copied in previous step. You will get your tokens with all bonuses automatically back on your wallet.

Please, DO NOT send Ether to smart contract from crypto exchanges. You can lose your funds.

Complete the form “Send Ether & Tokens” with correct address a gas limit.

Please use 210 000 gas limit when participating in Solar DAO Pre-ICO.

Click “Generate Transaction” and “Send Transaction” buttons.

Step 8. Check your SDAO token balance.

If you feel that something went wrong, please look through this guide once again and check all things you’ve done.

If something goes wrong, please do not hesitate to ask any question from our community in Telegram:

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