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[FAQ] Frequently Asking Questions

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FAQ. Everything you wanted to ask. Right here. In one place.

Ground-mounted on-grid PV solar plant

**When is the pre-ICO starts and ends?
**pre-ICO campaign started on 27th of July at 00:00 AM (UTC+3) and will end on 31st of August at, 11:59 PM (UTC+3).

**What is the pre-ICO goal and cap?
**The minimum goal is $100k and we already passed. Next goal is $200k. Max cap is $1M.

What is SDAO price during pre-ICO?

Pre-ICO & ICO bonuses

**What is the minimum amount to participate in Pre-ICO
**There is no minimal amount required.

**What is Gas Limit required to send transaction to Solar DAO crowdsale smart contract?
**Gas limit: 210’000. → How to get Solar DAO Tokens step by step

Can I send ETH from the Exchanges?
NO!! Please, do not send your funds from exchanges unless you want that exchange to receive your SDAO tokens.

**Do I need to be registered on the platform to participate?
**No. You don’t. You can participate in Solar DAO Pre-ICO crowdsale without registration. Just lick “Invest now” and follow next steps.

How to add SDAO tokens to my Ethereum wallet!

  • Address: 0x646Cec6ee42d258336165cBbD5deB4AF14F0f476
  • Token name: SDAO
  • Decimals: 4

**When will SDAO token will be on exchanges and what exchanges?
**We are going to start discussions with exchanges during ICO (the end of October). We expect it to happen in end of November — mid December.

We have some agreements with several exchanges, but exact information will be given later. We are not goint to apply to the compromised exchanges or exchanges with bad reputation.

**Where is company incorporated?
**BVI is in progress. Will be ready within month. Please, check full holding structure are going to create:

**Which is the total amount of SDAO tokens will be issued?
**We issued 80’000’000 SDAO tokens. All undistributed tokens will be burned after ICO.

When is the ICO start and end?
ICO campaign will start on October 26 and end on November 30.

**What is SDAO price during ICO?
**The price of SDAO tokens during ICO is 1 SDAO = 1 USD. Plus you can get additional bonus tokens.

**What is the SDAO token standard?
**SDAO is ERC20 token issued on Ethereum blockchain:

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