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Solar DAO Pre-ICO Summary

11.09.2017 — 0

We are happy to update you that the project keeps going in accordance with the roadmap. We’ve been working hard, and it is time to show you what we’ve done!

So. Let’s have a look. What we have already achieved.

Most Important

Since the start of the Pre-ICO, we have gathered more than $443’340, far exceeding the minimum capital target. Thanks to your support, we can move forward as planned, buy the first PV solar plants and begin testing.

Since July 27th, in less than 6 weeks **we have distributed more than 861’000 **SDAO tokens to our investors. More than 700 investors contributed to the Pre-ICO and got early bird bonuses.

We have launched the process of the company establishment. As you read this, our lawyers are **registering the three legal entities in Russia, Israel, and Cyprus. **This will help us enhance the legal security and enable the distribution of profits.

**We’ve been published in the most important journal of solar energy industry: PV Solar Magazine! **Solar DAO acquires professional recognition and it feels very rewarding. The article is available here.

Team and Community Growth

As Solar DAO develops, our team grows. We’ve hired solidity and front-end developers, support engineers, solar project managers, lawyers and marketers to help us build and promote the project further. Now we are 14 professionals working towards a greener and more profitable energy. That’s the Magnificent Seven, doubled! 🙂

Our community is also growing rapidly. **The followers base of Solar DAO has increased 18 times **since the start of the Pre-ICO! We have been actively involved with our community, having answered to more than 1440 messages by email, messengers and the web-chat.

We are also doing our best to familiarize you with solar energy and energy tech more generally. We’ve published 24 blog posts, covering various relevant issues: from how to a PV solar plant works to the overview of the solar energy blockchain projects (hint: we don’t compete directly). Follow us on and let’s be in touch!

What Else Happened

We are enjoying an extensive and positive coverage in the media. Solar DAO has featured in 148 articles, including such major resources as The Cointelegraph, Coinfox, Criptonoticias, and more.

We’ve revealed the Chinese version of our web-site. Since Solar DAO is not a Chinese company, the recent bans on ICO investments do not prevent our supporters from China to participate in the project. Welcome!

In August there has been an attempt to crack our smart contract. Thanks to our security engineers, we’ve successfully handled the attack and made two smart contract migrations,without losing any Ether or Token! The last contract migration is available here.

Your funds are safe with Solar DAO.

We have negotiated a cooperation agreement with an industrial drones manufacturing company. The drones will allow to monitor the PV solar plants remotely from anywhere in the world, 24/7. This is also a way to significantly cut operating expenses.

What is Ahead

Our next step will be to begin the actual construction of PV solar plants. Currently we are working hard studying the markets of Israel, Portugal, and Kazakhstan.

We are planning to enter a partnership with HUAWEI inverter manufacturing and implement the remote monitoring system for Solar DAO members. Besides, very soon we are going to be listed on the Orderbook exchange.

Moreover, in the next few months we will hire new team members, and create the holding company structure to develop the project further, and establish an (offline) office.

It’s been a great month of hard work. We hope you now feel as rewarding as we do. But things are going to be even more interesting, so: Stay tuned!

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