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Solar DAO is Making Progress

28.09.2017 — 0

Time to look at how the project is doing.

Since the end of the Pre-ICO the team has achieved the following milestones:

1. We have started developing the interface for project management.

Besides the main functionality, it will allow us to change the character of electric current at the utilities, and raise financing for the use of a product that is already there and running, instead of raising funds for a work-in-progress. This will make life a lot easier by significantly reducing the risk of regulatory complaints and interventions.

Last but not least, the interface is one of the core products of Solar DAO, the skeleton of the whole project.

2. We keep gathering the pool of our marketing partners to conduct the core ICO.

Our marketing programme for the ICO will be very different from what is now mainstream in the blockchain scene. We believe it will allow for a much greater marketing efficiency. So be prepared for pleasant surprises 🙂

3. We have started negotiations with financial partners and foundations to raise more funds.

For example, now we are in touch with Humaniq, a blockchain-based banking service. We will keep you posted about how things are going on the financial front.

4. We are working hard to enroll advisers and partners in Solar DAO.

This will help us increase the project’s visibility, legitimacy, and manage risk more effectively. We will keep you updated on our successes and on what is ahead.

Stay tuned with Solar DAO.

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