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Envisioning the Future: Four Mind Blowing Infographics about Renewable Energy

30.09.2017 — 0

Our choice from the excellent collection by

Even if we talk about certain events that are likely to occur within our lifetime, we need special tools to envision the unknown. Infographics can be of great help here. Look at the four great examples chosen by Solar DAO from the huge collection powered by

1. Fusion Energy

Fusion is the source of energy of the Sun and the stars. Theoretically, if reproduced here on Earth, it could provide us with a clean, cheap and potentially inexhaustible source of power. At the moment, there are a few research and development projects aiming to make it happen. For example, the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor is a collaborative research project that strives to create a 500 MW fusion power facility in France. Find out what is fusion, how to reproduce it on a small scale, and who is working hard to do that as you read this, in the beautiful infographic here:

2. Technological Fixes for Climate Change

We know climate change is ongoing and dangerous. Perhaps not in our lifetime, but it will certainly make life on Earth less pleasant for our children. Renewable energy projects, including Solar DAO, are not just making profits, but also intend to slow down the climate change by suggesting sustainable energy solutions. There are some more radical ways to do so, however. One of them is geoengineering — the act of making compensatory changes to the Earth’s climate to reverse the damage that has already been done. Find out what the climate change issues are, and how to reengineer the Earth’s climate by geoengineering here:

3. The Rise of Vertical Farms

In the early 20th century, utopian writers and artists predicted that in the future humans will live in vertical towns. That means, the human habitat will no longer be spread thinly across territories but, instead, as the Earth’s population will increase, we will live and work in huge skyscrapers far above the surface of the planet. Today, this vision is gradually becoming a reality. One of the signs of this process is the rise of the vertical farms, powered by solar panels located on the very top of them. Vertical farms are now working in Singapore, Japan, and the U.S. Vertical farms make agriculture renewable, allow for efficient use of the urban space, are weatherproof and increase water conservation, as well as increase yield and make it not dependent on seasons. Look how vertical farms look like:

4. The World’s Largest Floating Solar Farm

Picture from

Solar plants don’t need to be installed on ground only. Sometimes it is reasonable to use the huge open spaces of water — that is, to build floating solar plants. This is a rather expensive choice compared to traditional on-ground designs, but it pays off in many cases by greatly increasing useful area of solar panels exposed to the sun. In Netherlands, the Rotterdam port authority is working on such a project. However, the largest scale of floating solar plant construction projects is based in Japan, where, following the Fukushima disaster, Japan has turned attention to the most innovative options for renewable energy. The Yamakura Dam is the embodiment of Japan’s green ambition, scheduled to completion in 2018. Once commissioned, it will be the world’s largest floating solar farm. A joint venture of Kyocera TCL Solar Corporation and Century Tokyo Leasing Corporation, the construction of the Dam started in late 2015. Find out how it will look like and how huge the scale is here:

Let’s hope Solar DAO****will have its deserved place in such infographic collections someday. Meanwhile, stay tuned and help us make it truly legendary!

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