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Solar DAO Marketplace released

15.10.2017 — 0

We are glad to introduce:*****Solar DAO Marketplace! 
***Solar DAO Marketplace is a new step of Project development. It’s like “one single interface” we planned and called it Sirius but, not it becomes much bigger and going to change the way to fund renewable energy market.

Now it’s in public beta test

Solar DAO is a blockchain platform that helps everyone to participate in PV solar plants construction around the world. It designed to reduce risks, costs and surpass technical barriers. Solar DAO helps to get, own and trade solar assets freely and safely.

Solar DAO Marketplace will allow to easily manage tokens inside the platform and monitor the progress of the projects in real time.

Attention! Currently Marketplace work with “virtual” SDAO tokens. It means everyone will have some SDAO to test the platform. But… you do not have to send your SDAO tokens to use them and you cannot withdraw anything 🙂

In this version:

  • Fund PV projects with SDAO tokens
  • Find out everything about projects
  • See how the funding works inside Solar DAO Marketplace
  • Use test tokens in this beta

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