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New date of the ICO

27.10.2017 — 0

As you know, Solar DAO team is doing the best for a successful ICO. Thats why we need to change the date of starting core Crowdsale. Here’s why…

The world of cryptocurrencies and blockchains undergoes constant changes. ICO itself falls under many regulations and restrictions. Before the ICO we need to develop and create reliable and safe legal structure.

The Solar DAO could work only with appropriate legal structure. And we cannot move further without it. Current companies cannot meet current requirements.

So. To conduct a good ICO it is necessary to create a legal structure. This is a very serious and complex task. Nowadays only a few countries have decided on their position towards the cryptocurrencies, tokens and ICOs. Also positions of governments changes very often. Solar DAO is working hard to find the best way for its structure. It will helps both our participants and projects growth.

Why it is also important?

We all want Solar DAO tokens to be available on free market (exchanges). So we need a structure 🙂

We appreciate your feedback and mind all of your suggestions to make Solar DAO project long-term and trustworthy!

So that’s why:

The ICO launch date will take place between December 4th, 2017 and January 1st, 2018

Right now our attention is focused on:

  • development of the legal structure;
  • finalization of the Marketplace and involvement of additional product engineers and advisors;
  • staff expansion;
  • ad campaign testing and smart contract audit.

We look forward to your support and are always ready to answer your questions!

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