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Technical solution. Building a Solar plant

11.11.2017 — 0

Solar industry is moving so fast that many people think about how to build their own station. In fact, this is not an easy task for the common man, but now, together with Solar DAO, participation in such projects has become a reality for anyone.

Perhaps the main stage in the implementation of the project is to prepare a competent technical solution, because the equipment and components take on most of the economic costs. Let’s see how we manage this task.

So, the land for construction has been selected, all important (and not so) documents have been signed and it’s time to start choosing the equipment. Professional experience and professional software will help us in this. The world leader among the software for solving such problems is PvSyst.

With its help we will find optimal technical solution. Let’s do it!

First of all, it is necessary to assess and fill into the program the climatic data of the future station’s location. This will allow you to see the amount of solar radiation needed to generate energy, as well as estimate the range of temperature changes, which also affects the performance of equipment.

If necessary, we use special meteorological services such as or Meteonorm.

Based on this data, PvSyst suggests at what angle we need to install solar panels to avoid losses.

Further, the most important is the choice of solar panels and inverters. The task is rather complicated, especially when the modern market is full of such diversity. Therefore experience is important. Over the years of work we have chosen the optimal 10–15 types of modules and 5–6 inverter systems. For each project, given the nuances, we choose possible options for this equipment and find the best.

In general, the program has a lot of parameters that can be changed, for example, change the horizon for a more precise movement of the sun.

We try to pay maximum attention to such details, but we will not stop on it in this article.

So, as soon as the basic parameters are entered and the equipment selection is completed, the program automatically performs calculations, simulates the process with the given parameters.

Finally, we get the result (report) that we analyze, compare with other reports and make conclusions.

Based on the results of multiple selection, calculation and analysis, we finally find a profitable technical and economic solution for the current project. Hooray!

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