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Build your own solar plant and earn. Story about one Ukrainian farmer

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Starting from February this year, Alexei Onischenko uses solar panels to generate electricity. Only 5% of it he uses for the needs of the household, everything else — sells according to the “green tariff”.

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“In winter there is nothing to do in the village, so I decided to build a solar power station,” says the farmer about his PVS in the village of Zaton (Poltava region).

Alexey Onischenko is a zootechnician, he used to be engaged in agriculture, but later he decided to engage in alternative energy. Since 2017, Alexey’s farm has its own solar power plant with a capacity of 30 kW. As Alexey said, starting capacity of the station was 3 kW.

A feature of this home power plant is a special tracking system. Platforms with panels turn after the movement of the sun during the day. Thus, their efficiency is increased by 30–40% compared to stationary solar batteries placed on the roof.

The entrepreneur invested almost 200 thousand UAH (over $7,5 thousand) in his project. 
“I plan that in 5–6 years the solar station will pay off,” says Alexey Onischenko.

Remind: a green tariff is a utility program that allows customers to source up to 100 percent of their electricity from renewable sources located on their local grid.

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