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ICO. What’s new?

16.11.2017 — 0

Recently only a few could predict the rapid growth and development of ICOs. For reference, for the first half of 2017 in the world was attracted more than 1.3 billion dollars during the ICO. The popularity of this method of fundraising continues to gain momentum, and therefore there are difficulties that need to be overcome by future successful projects.

Strict control and prohibition of ICO

The governments of all countries basically divided into two categories:

  • Those who prohibit ICO (China) or strictly regulate it, equating tokens to securities (USA, Canada, Singapore)
  • Those who allow and facilitate ICO in order to increase the attractiveness of their country for business:

One of them — the Isle of Man, where the Ministry of Finance sees financial prospects and is already developing its legal regulation.

By the end of the year Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange plans to launch a service that allows licensed listing and digital tokens trading.

In Estonia it is proposed to hold the first state ICO in the world.

Another example is the Swiss “Cryptovalley” Zug. The government supports the established industry group for the management of blockchain assets.

Tendencies and rules in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain change constantly. We monitor the situation and continue to work on creating a legally correct structure for conducting a legal ICO. This is important, because those who conducted the ICO without regard to legal aspects, today faces the impossibility of withdrawing funds to Fiat. We do not want our investors to face such problems and continue to look for a solution.

Stay tuned! 
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