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Voting results

18.12.2017 — 0

As you know, recently the Solar DAO team wrote about their plans and what’s new for the participants. One of the innovations was voting. From December 10th to 16th owners of SDAO tokens voted on the issue:

What do you think about Solar DAO project and its development?

Tokenholders could take the position of the team and support the project, or vice versa — express negative attitude to the changes.

As a result, the overwhelming majority of voters expressed their support and we really appreciate it!


Many thanks to all!

We really appreciate the feedback from all participants in order to direct the development of the project in the most favorable way.

Solar DAO understands some of the inconvenience in voting that the participants had to face, and will take this into account in the future.

We strive to become even better.

In a short time we managed to achieve great success: to develop the Marketplace, to choose the right legal structure, to redevelop the concept for the better, to increase the*** team ***of specialists, to start cooperation with institutional investors and much more.


As mentioned earlier, very soon the SDAO tokens will appear on the open market — the first exchanges will list tokens in this month!
On February 28, Solar DAO will launch Tokensale, which will not be limited in time.
And of course, in March 2018 we will begin the construction of three PVS at once: in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Israel.

Every day our Community increases, and we are always glad to communicate with you. Anyone can **ask a question to team members in Telegram: **

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