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Our project continues to develop rapidly and we are pleased for mutually beneficial cooperation with innovative projects. Let’s take a look. is an international fiat platform for P2P loans based on blockchain.

The team consisting of professionals has been working in its field since 2011. They already have successful and working financial projects on their account.

Mechanism of work:

Any Creditor can issue a loan under any conditions. Any Borrower may request a loan under any conditions. Therefore, market competition dictates fair conditions for the global economy, without international borders and barriers.

For more details visit project’s website and read WP.

What is Solar DAO & partnership?

As you know, our team will begin construction of the first PVS soon. Cooperation with will help us not only to gain additional experience, but also to attract loan financing for projects.

Useful cooperation = successful Development

Stay with the Solar DAO and become part of the green future!

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