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ICO, KYC, PVS, ADV, AMA, UFO and other strange words… 👻😱

30.01.2018 — 0

1. Token Sale (ICO).

Solar DAO is actively developing, over the past six months we’ve made a great progress. We love and appreciate our Community and we are also grateful to the Pre-ICO participants for their faith in project and its support.

We decided not to run the ICO. Really.

For now there are 1’172’767 SDAO released and no more tokens will be issued.


  1. As we reported earlier, the bulk of funds for Project’s implementation will be attracted and formed in** Private Equity Fund**.
  2. We’ve attracted new partners and institutional investors, collecting preliminary commitments worth several millions.

Thus, Solar DAO does not need the ICO. We have already secured the support of early and institutional investors. Next step is to construct PV solar plants (PVS).

What does it mean?

  • First of all, today’s holders of SDAO tokens are the only owners.
  • Collected funds are enough to start the construction of solar plants.
  • More funds will be attracted in classic way to the main Fund.
  • PR campaign will attract to get SDAO but only from exchanges.

2. Fundraising.

Recently the Solar DAO project was presented at the Roadshow made by the Monaco Growth Forum. Solar DAO has been represented to over 200 investor (Family Offices, Private Investors and Funds) in 5 major financial centers of Europe (London, Zurich, Geneva, Lugano, Milano). We got positive feedback and currently working with the people we met.

3. Solar plants construction.

Currently we are still working at solar projects selection, evaluate them and conduct due diligence for every project that looks promising.

We consider construction in Kazakhstan, Poland, France and Israel. We cannot guarantee these countries because of changing proposals. But our main goal is to begin construction in March 2018.

Please note about the non-disclosure policy. We understand how important it is to know about upcoming projects, but the principle of interaction between partners is built on secrecy, based on the interests of both parties. Therefore, we will notify the Community of an exact project being implemented immediately after the final signing of all necessary documents.

The first PVS construction will begin as soon as everything is ready for it.

4. KYC proceedure.

According to the planned legal structure, we need to conduct KYC (Know Your Customer) proceedure. Week ago, we started development of private area for SDAO token holders. We aim to launch it in February.

5. Marketing

To achieve the Projects goals, to maximize Project’s profitability and value of the SDAO tokens, we are launching new marketing campaign. Important! To get the best results and achieve the highest ROI for advertising, PR campaign will begin when the first solar plant construction begins.

What we are going to do:

  1. Increase activity in social networks.
    We’ve analyzed 40 SMM campaigns of tokenized projects. We plan to increase project activity in social networks, stimulating interest in SDAO tokens. We will combine different approaches of advertising in order to keep its effectiveness at the maximum level. (Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, Reddit.)
  2. Targeted advertising.
    This week we are launching targeted ads in social networks based on the look a like mechanism, targeting the residents of the largest financial centers: London, Zurich, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Singapore, Geneva, Munich and some others.
  3. Advertisement in communities.
    We will place paid advertising in 100+ communities with our target audience.
  4. Reddit activity.
    We’ve already started the formation of activity to get attention to Solar DAO in Reddit: r/CryptoCurrency, r/CryptoMarkets, r/investing, r/RenewableEnergy, r/solar, r/crypto, r/Bitcoin, r/InvestmentClub and others.
  5. Banners, etc.
    Next week we will launch a Solar DAO advertisement with additional attention to a limited number of released tokens.

6. #AMA (Q&A session).

On February 28, Solar DAO team will hold an AMA conference for the Community and answer all your questions. Get ready! 🙂


  • No additional SDAO tokens will be released. No ICO. No Token sale.
  • Fundraising will be held into Private Equity Fund and only from institutional investors. Solar DAO will become a part of this Fund.
  • KYC procedure will be held for token holders.
  • First PV solar plant construction should start in March.

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