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The future of Solar Energy. Dream or Reality?

02.02.2018 — 0

Today we can for sure say that Solar Energy is not technology of future. 
Solar energy is Energy of Today!

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Introduction and development of new RES technologies is not only the idea of economy, but also a huge benefit for the Ecology. Scientists all countries are constantly discovering new ways of producing and distributing Solar Energy. And not only on Earth 🙂

Japan considers a really “cosmic” idea. The Shimizu company plans to surround Moon’s equator with solar panels, electricity from which will be transmitted to Earth for the needs of people. Of course, this idea is still far from implementation, but the future for Solar Industry development is very bright.

Global Green Energy transition

According Stanford University’s research, the full transition of ¾ countries****to RES is expected to be near 2050.
The report included a roadmap for the world’s energy sector. Scientists are sure, that Green Energy jump of 139 countries will not only decrease negative impact on the environment, but also significantly reduce the cost of energy production and create millions of new jobs.


Government support

Already at the end of last century, European countries was seriously thinking about support the growing renewable energy industry. This policy has been made not only to reduce dependence on energy-producing countries, but also to set the right course of future technical modernization.

The best way to support green industry — direct government subsidies, known as Feed-In-Tariff (FIT). Tariff provides guaranteed and long-term payments to investors for the RES electricity. Its price is above market’s one.
In the Great Britain a higher tariff works since 2010. According to this program, more than 1.6 GW of power is currently in operation.

Energy of future

Nowadays solar energy is the most promising area of renewable resources. Recently, IRENA has published a report, according to which solar energy is already competing with the usual coal industry in price.

The cost of electricity from renewable energy decreases every month. There was a very comic situation in 2016 in Germany: consumers did not pay for electricity and also receive money from the government. Such situation had a plece because good weather conditions allowed Germany to provide consumers with energy produced on 87% from RES.

The idea of full Green transition began to seem** more than real**. In November 2017, the Mexican National Electricity Control Center reported that they received a record offer for solar energy — 1.77 cent/kWh from ENEL Green Power.

Given the fact that the world total installed capacity is growing every year, and cost of energy is reducing each time, the world’s prospect for the Solar Energy use is obvious to everyone. Solar projects will allow the world to save ecology and fully provide our needs very soon.

Solar DAO — a tokenized fund designed for everyone to easily participate in PV solar plants construction across the globe. SDAO tokens on: YoBit.

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