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Top 5 Solar Inventions you must see

10.02.2018 — 0

As you already know, the solar energy market is growing rapidly. Every month, new inventions and improvements of previous devices are presented to the world. Constant scientific developments already gave us solar panels’ efficiency about 35%. Of course, we are talking about modules designed for large-scale use.

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In this article we want to tell you about other exciting inventions from Solar Industry. We will describe the 5 most unusual and interesting innovations.

1. Solar clothes

Now it is difficult to surprise someone with household items used to get energy from the sun. You can already wear special sunglasses that work as a battery for electricity, charged from the sun.

Thin and light solar modules have recently been invented, and now they became possible to apply directly into the textile. Any textile items can manufactured from such a material: first of all, window curtains and car seats covers.
Designers don’t want to stop. Today you can buy a fashionable T-shirt, equipped with mini-panels. You can connect any device and charge it by USB from your clothes!

2. Effective road surface

According the news a lot of countries already using the latest technology for covering roads. The usual asphalt coatings were replaced with coatings absorbing sunlight and working as classic solar panels.
In the Netherlands, the first bicycle track named SolarRoad was built. It is capable to provide electricity to 3 full-fledged homes.

The Ministry of Ecology in France has allocated 5 million euros for the arrangement of a 1km highway. Electricity produced by the road surfacegoes forstreets powering in a small town of 3,500 people.

3. Fashionable module cover

Specially for those who care not only about electricity savings and enviroment problems. Last year, a young startup showed the world a new invention — a special SolarSkin coating for solar modules. Now it became possible to change the usual purple design of solar panels to any image you like. Without loss in performance of panels!

As the developers told, their product was created to** popularize the use of solar installations in everyday life**. In addition, now you can do not only to save nature, but also to make your home more attractive.

4. Sun in your pocket

All genius is simple! The invention of Window Socket — a portable connector for charging any device, working from sunlight. It is enough to attach a small power station to the glass of the illuminated window, and your mini-power station is ready for operation.

The creators say that it is very convenient in travel — you can always charge your phone or computer while moving.

5. Solar Scooter

A well-known BASF corporation said — it is now possible to move around the streets and charge by Sun.

Together with the Floatillity company there was created a specially equipped compact scooter, recharging from the solar modules. Such a “transport” weighs a little more than 10 kilograms and is very easy to use. The scooter itself is made from the latest composite and ecological materials developed by BASF. The company has been agitating us to join the Green Community for a long time and now demonstrates that it is also very comfortable.

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