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International ecological dates

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In the last few years, mankind has begun to actively protect the environment. For the sake of good purposes, there are special organizations created, the world’s richest people donate funds for fighting pollution, special dates are established. Ecological days are made to pay attention to the urgent problem. Today we will tell what holidays are celebrated every year, why it is created, and how to participate in it.

International Day of Action for Rivers — March 14
Rivers, water and life. The river day has been celebrated since 1998. At the suggestion of American environmental movement, this day was created because of dams’ negative effects. Every year thousands of people forced to move because of flooding or improper redistribution of water because of obstacles. On this day it decided to organize meetings and seminars on the protection of fresh river water. The goal is to protect the natural flow of water from human intervention.

Earth Day — March 20, April 22
Earth Day is one of the most ambitious events that has been carried out since the 80s of the last century. Actions are held in two stages: on spring equinox day and on April 22. The spring festival encourages thousands of people every year to make every effort to protect their home — Earth. In the springtime, nature is renewed, and people help it by cleaning of territories and reservoirs and, of course, planting of trees. The Peace Bell sounds on the Earth Day as a symbol of humanism and careful attitude to nature.


The Earth Hour — the last Saturday of March (March 24 in 2018)
Annually thousands of volunteers and large organizations participate in the Earth Hour action. This event was created to draw attention to the problem of environmental pollution. From 20:30 to 21:30 local time people turn off electrical devices in support of reducing consumption. The action symbolizes humanity’s readiness to intelligently consume electricity, thereby reducing harmful emissions from the power stations. The action was established by the WWF in 2009 and every year more and more people become a part of it.

Sun Day — May 3
In 1994, the day of the most promising source of renewable energy was established. Solar energy increases the rate of growth and efficiency every year. Annually on May 3, there are made a lot of exhibitions and solar technologies celebrations. The purpose of the events is to show people the innovations of the industry and once again note the prospects of solar energy.

Wind Day — June 15
Just like solar energy, the wind industry is fast developing. In June, there are annual shows that call on people and large corporations to switch to wind energy. An excellent option to celebrate this day is to launch kites to support the wind energy development.

World Animal Day — October 4
The essence of the holiday is clear to everyone — pay attention to the problem of the extinction of rare species and speak out in defense of animals. Since 1931, activists are opposed to environmental pollution and the destruction of animals natural habitats, and in some countries even special church services are held on this matter. We also pay special attention to our pets, since the problem of cruel treatment of animals is still relevant in the world.

International Day of Energy Saving — November 11
 Since 2008 more than 20 countries around the world take part in the celebration of energy saving day. People once again pay attention to renewable energy. Saving electricity is not only an economically viable solution. Rational use of resources and transition to renewable energy sources can prevent global environmental disasters. Therefore, on November 11, people actively promote ways to save electricity and RES use.

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