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Photo report. Solar DAO visit to Greece. The results

23.03.2018 — 0

Recently, the founder of Solar DAO project, Dmitriy Solodukha, returned from a business visit to Greece. Here we will tell about the main results of work.

Preveza, Central Greece. 2.2 MW


First of all, the trip was set for personal inspection of promising projects, ready for construction. Stations are located in the north of Greece, near the city of Xanthi. As we described earlier in the blog, we try to personally come to the place, check the project and talk with its owner, having found out all the necessary information.

We also planned to check two ready-made solar power plants for sale. We inspected the objects, made high-quality photos/videos from drones, checked the documentation, talked to the seller and made high-quality presentations for each of the stations. The purpose of this work — to offer ready PVS to family offices, with whom we have agreed on cooperation after the Roadshow. In this way we can:

  • Break the psychological barrier to joining the fund, starting cooperation.
  • Earn on commission. We plan to distribute half of the commission income among SDAO tokenholders. The rest of the funds will be used in other projects.


  1. We have visited the first project: two stations in the center of Greece: 5.3 MW plant in the city of Arta, 2.2 MW plant in the city of Preveza. It is a one complete project consisting of two stations. We agreed to cooperate with the project owners — a construction company that participated in the Olympic Stadium implementation in Athens. We consider the possibility to construct together a 24 MW project in central Greece.
  2. Visited and agreed to cooperate with the owners of the second project in the north of Greece: 2 MW plant near the city of Xanthi.
  3. Agreed for the maintenance of our future PVS in Greece.
  4. Met with the project company owner in the north of Greece. Checked the project for the future construction and ready to conclude an agreement.

Arta. 5.3 MW PV solar plant in central Greece

Preveza. 2.2 MW PV solar power plant

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