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Solar DAO project opened unique opportunities for investors!

29.03.2018 — 0

Investing in the solar plants’ construction is gaining popularity for several decades but not so long ago it was available only to big companies interested in scale financing.

Now, private investors have the opportunity to invest and receive dividends from PV solar plants — the Solar DAO project provided such an alternative. The project allows everyone to finance and own solar power plants around the world with minimal risks, bypassing the technical barriers related to implementation.

We can say, the Solar DAO project is the newest format of a financial instrument that will allow users to easily, anonymously and safely invest in the construction of solar power plants around the world, avoiding the costs of intermediary expenses, arranging transactions and excluding technical and other barriers.

What unique opportunities does the project provide for offer to private investors?

  1. Solar DAO team aim to build PV solar plants all over the world, in different profitable and suitable places. Thus, we can provide the investors with high returns and minimize the risks. We always take into account all of the nuances to afford financial security.
  2. Solar DAO has long-time experience in reducing construction costs. Our project uses loan funds from banks and other financial institutions to allow investors get optimal profits in a short time.
  3. Every participant will be able to check and monitor PVS reporting online through the website. It is very easy to get necessary information in one click. All of the technological data is securely stored.
  4. Solar DAO cooperates with various relevant companies, creating a “pool” of people interested in the blockchain business development. Our partners and advisers are talented and influential personalities in the blockchain technology and solar industry. We are proud to partner with them!
  5. Our support service is another advantage. Experienced specialists work 24/7 ready to help and assist you with any questions. Be sure, Solar DAO team will always solve your issue.

We are open to any suggestions, ready to discuss your topics, and glad to cooperate with companies and individuals interested in green energy development.

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