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Solar DAO Announces Its Marketplace Platform to Support PV Plants Construction

10.09.2018 — 0

Solar DAO, an energy-oriented blockchain company, proudly announces its marketplace platform. The online platform is the avenue where every individual will propose and add his land for solar plant installation, and Solar DAO tokenholders can vote for its construction. Every payment, vote, and reward will be made using the SDAO token.

Solar DAO is a closed-end investment fund built on the Ethereum Blockchain goals are to develop and execute a plan for owning PV solar powered plants by a pool of remote anonymous clients through a blockchain distribution registry, and also a system for arranging payments and appropriating dividends through savvy contracts without uncovering the identity of the recipients of such payments.

Solar DAO marketplace platform dramatically enhances marketplaces by uniquely creating a medium whereby each member of the Community can propose its projects (a land plot which is specifically for solar panels construction) for consideration and receive funding (in SDAO tokens). This solution will enable the implementation and operation of PVS construction projects and for ensuring transparency for Solar DAO members, including supply, operating activities, and construction management.


For every individual to submit his or her project (land plot) for consideration, you will need to go through the following three stages:

All projects are considered and vetted at the primary stage by Solar DAO team of well renowned international Photovoltaic experts. After that, it will be submitted for consideration to the Community where Solar DAO tokenholders will vote for its construction. The emergence of this platform will create a seamlessly profound opportunity for investors, business owners, and users a simple and easy way to continuously increase the total capacity of the solar power plants managed by the DAO thereby reducing the amount of CO2 produced globally.

The Solar DAO origin was built up in 2012, and the development team has been working in the solar energy (photovoltaic) market since 1991. The group behind Solar DAO has expertly executed 70 MW PV plants crosswise over Europe, created 270 MW plants in Russia and 150 MW plants in Kazakhstan. They have additionally completed four production offices for PV cells and modules in Russia, Spain, Germany, and South Africa.


Solar DAO group is as of now helping its customers put resources into PV solar plants over the globe through GOTOSOLAR, an Estonian investment fund.
The team has pulled in huge multi-million investors in various regions around the world. These solar plants sell electricity to the central grid with exceptional tariffs actualized for up to 25 years and continue to offer at a normal market cost after expiry. The PV solar plants will be renegotiated to construct new plants and in this manner expanding the aggregate installed power capacity of plants kept running by Solar DAO.

About Solar DAO

Solar DAO is a closed-end investment fund built on Ethereum blockchain. Built on profit benefit sharing shrewd contract, it is devoted to decreasing dangers and costs and outperforms specialized obstructions when investing in PV solar plants around the world. Solar DAO enables people to put resources into PV solar plants worldwide and get profitability as financial specialists do. PV plants get profit benefit from electricity sell to the central grid with special tariffs (feed-in-tariff) devoted for 15-25 years. No ICO will be, all SDAO tokens are already destributed. Tokens reflect Solar DAO shares and give profit distribution to tokenholders.

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