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Blockchain: Last Week Updates. #SDdigest

11.09.2018 — 0


“Technologies such as blockchain take us a huge step forward in finding a secure way to facilitate transactions. Blockchain’s ability to protect user’s data is a true mark of progress, because it can be applied in different companies from different industries including cybersecurity.”

  • LinkedIn has been keeping its finger on the pulse of the United States’ most thriving startups, and crypto organizations are showing tremendous signs of life — and growth in LinkedIn’s top 50 U.S. startups. Six-year-old cryptocurrency wallet and vendor Coinbase ranked third on the list. Right behind number six — stock-trading service Robinhood (which offer crypto trading) — comes Ripple. With over 100 clients, the blockchain-based banking platform delivers its services to institutions like Santander, RBC and American Express.

  • China’s Supreme Court rules that blockchain can legally authenticate evidence.


The Supreme Court declares that:

"Internet courts shall recognize digital data that are submitted as evidence if relevant parties collected and stored these data via blockchain with digital signatures, reliable timestamps and hash value verification or via a digital deposition platform, and can prove the authenticity of such technology used."

  • Opera’s Ethereum Wallet now lets you send CryptoKitties to your friends.


"We’re now innovating by allowing you to send crypto-collectibles directly from the wallet to the person you want to, something that previously required visiting a digital marketplace and trading them. We have changed this and made sending crypto-collectibles as easy as sending money via Venmo in the U.S. or Vipps or Swish in Scandinavian countries. We feel this makes them more tangible from a user’s perspective".

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