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Blockchain: Last Week Updates. #SDdigest

24.09.2018 — 0

  • UNICEF France announced that it is now taking donations in cryptocurrencies. Driven by the need to expand its circle of donors the humanitarian body will now accept nine cryptocurrencies. With the exception of the non-mineable cryptos well-wishers will also be able to donate their computing power by mining the other six cryptocurrencies directly to UNICEF France’s wallets.

  • Australia is about to get its first Aussie-backed stablecoin. This will be made possible by a partnership between Bit Trade, one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia, and blockchain employment platform, Emparta. The two firms will collaborate in designing and launching the stablecoin which is expected to be launched next year.


“The Navy is very excited to work with ITAMCO on this cutting-edge technology to improve visibility, anti-tampering, traceability and data transparency in the NAVAIR supply chain.”


“The United States should prioritize accelerating the development of blockchain technology, and create an environment that enables the American private sector to lead on innovation and further growth, which is why I am introducing these bills.”

  • A candidate for a local government seat in the city of Taipei has made history as the first politician in Taiwan to ever receive a campaign donation in bitcoin. The US$325 bitcoin donation comes after a month since the political candidate announced that he would be accepting cryptocurrency donations.

  • France accepts new ICO framework to become Europe’s leading ICO hub.

“The French government is not hiding its ambition to make France an ICO capital, as they do not want to miss out on the blockchain revolution. They are regularly speaking with French blockchain and crypto-entrepreneurs in France in order to get a better grasp on the market, to understand its problems, and to regulate the market accordingly.”

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