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How To Use Solar Power Living In Metropolis

23.10.2018 — 0

In December 2017, consulting company IHS Markit published a study of the solar energy market. In accordance with the forecast, in 2018, 108 GW of solar power plants will be commissioned globally. Living in your own home, you can already install solar panels on the roof. If you don’t and live in a regular apartment, do not despair, because you can join the solar community otherwise. Start with gadgets that make life easier.

Big things have small beginnings.

Solar gadgets for your apartment

Windows producing electricity for the home sounds amazing. We can only see them in the near future because it’s still under the development. Nowadays you can buy stylish solar blinds. Some of them will allow you to charge smartphones and various gadgets. Others will save your family from the sun during the day and fill the apartment with light in the evening. You can find information about them, as well as make an order.

You know what a calculator looks like, and it works on solar energy. What if this technology is applied to other things? What can come of it? The world-famous company invented a solar-powered wireless keyboard. Stylish gadget for your personal use and for the office. It will help you save batteries or electricity.

No one argues that smartphones are a necessary and useful thing, but it often happens that the battery charge is not enough. There are two ways out – always take the charger seeking for a power outlet, or pick up a powerbank. Let’s talk about the last. Unfortunately, the powerbank can also be discharged, even if you’ve bought it to replace a charger.
Your smartphone, player, smartwatch are dead, you take out your bank, and it is also discharged. It’s a common situation. Today, you may purchase a power bank that uses solar panels that allow a charge to work longer.

No one likes to stay in a stuffy apartment. When the temperature rises above 30C, the conditioner and the fan are the rescues. Sitting all day under the fan is not economical. After all, you can use a solar powered fan. Google it and you will find a lot of options from compact fans for cars to huge ones, using large panels. There is also an option for your office.

Today, we can buy toys of any kind, from machines to dinosaur robots. You can also find their counterparts on solar panels.
By purchasing such toys for your children, you save on batteries and also acquaint kids with solar energy.

Solar gadgets for the city

Today, many shops offer to buy backpacks with solar panels. Usually, solar panels are installed on the outside of the backpack. Why is it necessary for someone? We can imagine the following situation. In the morning you are going to leave home for work/study, but suddenly notice that your smartphone is dead. Fortunately, you are reaching your destination by bike or on foot. You can charge your gadget by connecting the smartphone to the backpack. It is also useful for walking in nature, fishing, hunting.

Winter jackets with the possibility of using solar energy. Perhaps you imagined a lot of kilogram knight armor but it’s different. Manufacturers claim to use special ultraviolet-absorbing materials, which contributes to faster heating of the jacket and longer heat retention.

An indispensable thing for lovers of hiking, fishing, hunting. Of course, for these purposes, you can use your smartphone, but there is not always an Internet connection. Either you save the phone battery for the capture your walk. Small solar panels allow you to enjoy your favorite radio station for longer.

Solar watch
If you are a fan of the classics but want to reduce the use of batteries, then you can purchase solar-powered watches. Today, a lot of well-known brands make such watches, so choose whatever you like.

All these products make your life more economical. If you use some of them, tweet with hashtag #SDAOGadgets.

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