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Energy: Monday Updates. #SDdigest

30.10.2018 — 0

"If he (Tesla CEO Elon Musk) needs more capital we would be willing to back him."

  • Chinese electric carmaker BYD, which is backed by US investor Warren Buffett, said on Monday it expected full-year net profit to drop almost a third as competition heats up in the world’s largest auto market.

  • The South Australian government has inaugurated its landmark $100 million Home Battery Scheme, which will subsidize the cost of buying a home energy storage system for up to 40,000 South Australian households. A nine-week priority period has been given to locally made battery systems, with Germany’s sonnen as the first provider to enjoy this benefit.

  • Honda may have more plans for electric vehicles than it has initially let on, as Honda’s head of R&D recently broke the news that the next-generation Acura NSX may pull from the NSX-inspired 1,000 horsepower fully electric beast that it took to the infamous Pike’s Peak challenge.

  • A private aerospace institute in China has announced its ambitious plan to launch an “artificial moon” into stationary orbit above the city of Chengdu. Referred to as an “illumination satellite,” the new moon would serve as a sunlight reflector to provide a nighttime and backup light source for residents in the Sichuan province city.

  • Top climate scientists warn governments of ‘Blatant Anti-Nuclear Bias’ in latest IPCC Climate Report. Kerry Emanuel, a climate scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said:

“The anti-nuclear bias of this latest IPCC release is rather blatant.”

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