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Q1’2018 Report — PV Solar Plants Implementation & One More Thing.

01.04.2018 — 0

We launch our first group of PV solar plants implementation: 8 MW in Kazakhstan and 1 MW in Portugal. We are also going to distribute additional profit among SDAO token holders. Read more…

1. First solar plants’ implementation begins

We are happy to announce that we launch first group of PV solar plants implementation:

  • Kazakhstan: 0.5 MW + 1 MW + 2.5 MW in the north-west area.
  • Kazakhstan: 0.5 MW + 1 MW + 2.5 MW in the south area.
  • **Portugal: 4 x 0.25 MW (1 MW totally) **near the town of Loule.

Projects in Kazakhstan require the insurance deposit at the stage of tariff bidding and another one before the (Power Purchase Agreement) PPA is signed (Power Purchase Agreement).

In Portugal we chose additional sites for more solar plants with the help of our Community. We really appreciate such assistance, thank you! As soon as we get permission for the grid connection in the first plant, we could increase the total power capacity.

Since November 2017 and especially during the last 2 months we have been focused on selection of solar projects at a “ready to build” stage for further construction.

We have studied and updated legislation of the following countries: Portugal, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Greece, Albania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Turkey, Iran, Israel and Thailand.

We have studies and reviewed about 30 projects with a single plant capacity from 500 kW to 10 MW, in total over 150 MW.

NOTE: Some projects consist of several parts, like 12 plants by 100 kW, 4 by 1 MW or 35 MW divided by 1.25 MW pieces. They are considered as a single one.

So. Finally, we have made a difficult decision not to purchase project companies offered on the market. Instead, to get the highest return with the lowest risk (as we initially planned), we decided to implement our own projects. It means we are going to save about $50’000 per MW in costs, while the development cost will be lower than $5’000 per MW.

1.1. Projects’ implementation plan (micro roadmap):

Kazakhstan: 4 MW totally in north-west area & 4 MW in south area

  • Company formation in Kazakhstan → in process. We plan to complete it by mid-April.
  • Documents’ preparation to participate in bidding for the tariff, according to the new rules published in March 2018 → in process. To be completed by mid-May.
  • Advertising and PR campaign of planned projects, getting support from local authorities → April-May-June.
  • Public auction → end of May for the north-west zone and early June for the southern zone.
  • Electricity purchase contract signing — until the end of August.
  • External financing attraction for project implementation.
  • Construction, grid connection and commissioning.


  • Getting the connection point and preliminary contract for the Grid connection — in the process. We plan to finish it by the end of April.
  • Company registration, land purchase — May-June.
  • Document preparations for tariff getting — May-June.
  • Competitive selection — specifying the dates.

You can read more information about all the stages and project work here.

2. Additional profit to distribute

We continue our experiment on the sale of solar plants in operation and other profitable proposals. We are packaging them (photography, videography, advertising and so on) and subsequent sale with a success fee (agency commission). If work succeeds, we are to:

  • Attract more investors to the main fund that we form,
  • Get additional funds for the PV projects implementation,
  • Distribute up to 50% of the earnings among the token holders.

After our recent trip to Greece, we made great proposals for the PV solar plants in operation for sale. Check this out:

Also there is a 5.3 MW project in Poland. We considered this project as one of the main for construction in April but the risk level (too high for us today) has forced us to refuse it. Now we want to sell it effectively.

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We would be grateful if you share the links above with your audience!

We strive to do our best for our Community benefit and are always happy to chat with you in our Telegram group. Stay with us, soon we will tell another news. Thanks for your support!

Solar DAO Team

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SDAO Tokens on IDEX

18.12.2017 — 0

We are glad to present: the first exchange with our tokens: IDEX.
**Link to the cabinet: **

IDEX is a decentralized crypto exchange that supports the exchange of SDAO to the Ethereum (and contrariwise). The service works with a smart contract as a trading mechanism and transaction processing arbitration.

**Detailed exchange instructions are available here: **
If you face problems with exchange, you can contact us for help.

We remind you that Solar DAO will continue to place tokens on other decentralized exchanges. Tokensale will start on February 28, 2018 and will not be limited in time.

To know all the latest announcements, subscribe to our channel in Telegram and also to the **official newsletter — **

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Voting results

18.12.2017 — 0

As you know, recently the Solar DAO team wrote about their plans and what’s new for the participants. One of the innovations was voting. From December 10th to 16th owners of SDAO tokens voted on the issue:

What do you think about Solar DAO project and its development?

Tokenholders could take the position of the team and support the project, or vice versa — express negative attitude to the changes.

As a result, the overwhelming majority of voters expressed their support and we really appreciate it!


Many thanks to all!

We really appreciate the feedback from all participants in order to direct the development of the project in the most favorable way.

Solar DAO understands some of the inconvenience in voting that the participants had to face, and will take this into account in the future.

We strive to become even better.

In a short time we managed to achieve great success: to develop the Marketplace, to choose the right legal structure, to redevelop the concept for the better, to increase the*** team ***of specialists, to start cooperation with institutional investors and much more.


As mentioned earlier, very soon the SDAO tokens will appear on the open market — the first exchanges will list tokens in this month!
On February 28, Solar DAO will launch Tokensale, which will not be limited in time.
And of course, in March 2018 we will begin the construction of three PVS at once: in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Israel.

Every day our Community increases, and we are always glad to communicate with you. Anyone can **ask a question to team members in Telegram: **

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Solar DAO Voting instructions. Using MyEtherWallet

10.12.2017 — 0

Voting has already start and will be finished on December 16th.

**Voting subject: **What do you think about Solar DAO project and its development?

Please, take it seriously! Your vote could not be changed, so you can only select it once.

To complete voting you should know the following information:

• The address of the smart contract for the vote: 0xC18100039D7b4Ee24C1Bb5cb6564ABbF41A1a74B

start: GMT: Sun, 10 Dec 2017 08:00:00 GMT
end: GMT: Sat, 16 Dec 2017 08:00:00 GMT

  • The ABI file for the vote:


You must also have enough** ETH to cover the transaction gas** cost — we would recommend 0.01ETH in a wallet.

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Contracts” in the top of the page

  1. You need to add information about Solar DAO contract. Enter the contract address for the vote in the “Contract Address ” box and paste the contents of ABI file for into the “ABI/JSON Interface” box.

  1. Click the “Access” bottom.

  2. To vote on the voting proposal select “vote” from the drop-down box.

  1. Enter the Opinion ID in “Opinionid” box:
    It depends on your answer:

**0 — I like the chosen strategy and solutions — go ahead!

1 — It’s okay, I trust the team.
2 — OK, but I expected more.
3 — This is absolutely not what I expected. I don’t like it.**

Mind! Numeration starts from “0”!

Click “Write”.

  1. Unlock your wallet. You should select whatever you normally do in MyEtherWallet when unlocking your wallet and then press “Unlock”.

Click “Write” button to continue.

  1. Confirm the transaction. A popup will prompt for confirmation — press “Generate Transaction”. After it click on **“Yes, I am sure! Make transaction” **button.

  1. Pay attention for Gas! If the box for Gas limit is empty, we recommend you to enter: 140’000

  2. Transaction is generated. Your vote will be sent after the confirmation of transaction.

Voting will help the team take into account the opinions of each member and adjust the direction of project development.
You can read more information about project and its goals and news in the previous article.

Solar DAO greatly appreciates the support of their Сommunity! We are always happy to answer your questions in our Telegram chat:

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Solar DAO Marketplace released

15.10.2017 — 0

We are glad to introduce:*****Solar DAO Marketplace! 
***Solar DAO Marketplace is a new step of Project development. It’s like “one single interface” we planned and called it Sirius but, not it becomes much bigger and going to change the way to fund renewable energy market.

Now it’s in public beta test

Solar DAO is a blockchain platform that helps everyone to participate in PV solar plants construction around the world. It designed to reduce risks, costs and surpass technical barriers. Solar DAO helps to get, own and trade solar assets freely and safely.

Solar DAO Marketplace will allow to easily manage tokens inside the platform and monitor the progress of the projects in real time.

Attention! Currently Marketplace work with “virtual” SDAO tokens. It means everyone will have some SDAO to test the platform. But… you do not have to send your SDAO tokens to use them and you cannot withdraw anything 🙂

In this version:

  • Fund PV projects with SDAO tokens
  • Find out everything about projects
  • See how the funding works inside Solar DAO Marketplace
  • Use test tokens in this beta

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Why Solar DAO Uses Blockchain?

10.09.2017 — 0

Because it’s totally awesome. Here’s why…

Solar DAO is based on Ethereum blockchain and utilizes cutting edge smart contract technology to provide its users maximum security.

As we have already observed, most energy tech projects use blockchain to manage the demand side. They try to create new cryptocurrencies that will allow users to trade solar energy on specialized decentralized platforms, and to flexibly balance energy supply and demand. They also aim to incentivize customers financially, allowing them to store and exchange energy units, and receive rewards for renewable energy generation.

Blockchain gives such projects many advantages and sharpens their focus on the demand side. In short, their ultimate goal is to effect the transition to a “greener” energy by changing the way people produce and consume it, and simultaneously to mitigate the most important risks involved in such a transition.

On the contrary, Solar DAO uses blockchain as a means for crowdfunding. It is oriented at the supply-side of the energy financing equation. The use of Ethereum blockchain, and the issuance of ERC20 compatible SDAO tokens makes Solar DAO different from both other energy tech projects that utilize blockchain, as well as from non-blockchain based investment partnerships in the field of solar energy.

Picture credit:

Negatively speaking, the use of blockchain destroys the triple hierarchy that prevents most people from investing into the booming field of solar energy. By undermining the financial hierarchy, the hierarchy of expertise that assumes most of the transaction costs, and the hierarchy of attention from the policy makers, blockchain makes the investment projects in the field of solar energy at the same time financially viable, technically feasible, and trustworthy from the point of view of the public. It also radically diminishes transaction costs by eliminating agency issues and the costs of due diligence and contract enforcement.

First, blockchain allows for the use of smart contracts that are (partly) self-executing and self-enforcing. This creates enhanced security for the members of the Solar DAO, and enables trust within the membership.

Second, Ethereum blockchain allows to democratize access to solar energy investments. The investors of Solar DAO can contribute sums as modest as $1, and still acquire a membership in the investment fund, and the status of an investor into the construction of PV solar plants. Moreover, even with one token in your hand, you can still receive a portion of the dividends. There are no more financial thresholds that could prevent you from participating.

Third, tokenization of investing into solar energy creates a unique opportunity for the investors to anonymously and securely own and trade tokens that are tied to the real assets in the real economy. That means that SDAO combines the flexibility and tradability of a cryptocurrency with stability and value increases of a real asset. And not just any real asset, but one with a bright and promising future — PV solar plants.

Fourth, the decentralized structure of the investment fund enabled by blockchain in itself also solves many issues of corporate governance. By purchasing SDAO tokens, the investors acquire membership and voting rights within the decentralized autonomous organization. That means that the investors have direct control over the key decisions of the fund’s future. On the other hand, the benefits of specialized expertise are not compromised, since the project’s team is in charge of the technical due diligence, while remaining completely accountable to the investors.

In other words,

blockchain in Solar DAO means = Trust, Security, Transparency, and Increasing (Real) Value.

That’s it, as simple as that. Invest in Solar DAO in the Core ICO this October. Read more on the difference of Solar DAO and the value of SDAO tokens.

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How to Participate in Solar DAO Pre-ICO

30.08.2017 — 0

Everything you should known about Solar DAO Pre-ICO Crowdsale. Please, read it carefully before participating. Make sure that you are totally understand how it work and be aware about all risks.

Solar DAO Crowdsale — At a Glance

The SDAO Pre-ICO started on July 27th and will end on September 10th, 2017 at 23:59 GMT.

The core ICO will start during 3 months after Pre-ICO.

80,000,000 (eight hundred million) SDAO ERC20 compatible tokens (“SDAO Tokens” henceforth) are being distributed during the Pre-ICO and the ICO.

The initial rate is 1 USD per 1 SDAO token.

  • SDAO tokens confirm membership in the Solar DAO and allow owners to receive dividends from PV solar plants owned and operated by Solar DAO.
  • SDAO tokens provide access to 100% of DAO’s net profit. All tokens distributed during the ICO entitle their owner to 100% profit.
  • Early bird bonuses have been foreseen. The highest bonus amounts will be distributed in the course of the Pre-ICO, however a bonus scale will be included in both crowdsales.
  • All unallocated tokens will be destroyed via smart contract. No additional tokens will be released.

The Pre-ICO bonuses are being distributed as follows:

  • 1st week: 100% bonus
  • 2nd week: 80% bonus
  • 3rd week: 70% bonus
  • 4th week: 60% bonus
  • 5th week: 50% bonus

The core ICO bonuses will be distributed as follows:

  • 1st week: 25% bonus
  • 2nd week: 20% bonus
  • 3rd week: 15% bonus
  • 4th week: 10% bonus
  • 5th week: no bonus

The token allocation will be organized as follows:

  • 75% — ICO Users
  • 23% — The Team
  • 2% — Rewards for the Bounty Campaign

The funds raised during the Pre-ICO and the ICO will be allocated as follows:

  • 80% — Investment funds
  • 10% — Financing the work of the team
  • 5% — Other operational activities

Any user is welcome to join the project before the end of the ICO. Upon completion of the ICO, all unallocated tokens will be destroyed via smart contract.

All transactions will be displayed in a smart contract. One month after the end of the ICO, users will be able to trade SDO tokens on cryptocurrency exchange markets.

How to Participate

**GUIDE: **How to get SDAO Tokens step by step

The Pre-ICO has started on 27th of July.

To participate in the SDAO Pre-ICO for tokens you need to send ETH to the Ethereum smart contract address. The Pre-ICO smart contract address will be available at: (Please follow the instruction step by step.)

Maximum contribution amount has no limit.

  1. Get Ether (ETH). You can buy it in a cryptocurrency exchange
  2. Transfer Ether to a compatible wallet (see below)
  3. Send a deposit to smart contract address (token sale address) with correct data and gas limit values
  4. Add info about SDAO tokens.

To be sure contributions are sent and received correctly, we recommend to use the configuration as follows:

  • Browser: Google Chrome / Firefox / Safari (Mac)
  • Wallet: MyEtherWallet

The Ethereum smart contract address for the Pre-ICO is: 0x1103849f41222A4C348515331f0E734D4bD9AD34


The following wallets are known to be COMPATIBLE with Ethereum tokens (ERC-20 standard):


Before ​​sending​​ ETH​​ please ​​carefully​​ read​​ the​​ information ​​as follows:

Any compatible wallet can be used to participate in the token distribution. To be compatible, a wallet must be:

  • Ethereum and ERC20 compatible
  • A web wallet

If you send ETH to the SDAO Pre-ICO Contract from an exchange account, your SDAO Tokens will be charged and allocated to the exchange’s ETH account, and you MAY NEVER receive or be able to recover your SDAO Tokens. To send ETH, you should use your personal ETH account.

There are many INCOMPATIBLE wallets, please make sure your wallet meets the criteria mentioned above before sending ETH.

Wallets as follows are known to be INCOMPATIBLE wallets and this is not a complete list. Do NOT use any of the wallets as follows for SDAO Pre-ICO participation:

  • Any Bitcoin exchange
  • Any Ethereum exchange
  • Jaxx
  • Exodus
  • Coinbase
  • Poloniex
  • Kraken
  • Bitstamp
  • Bitfinex
  • Bittrex

Please be aware of the following:







Technical ​​Risks

SDAO Pre-ICO Contract runs within Ethereum network therefore you need to be aware of things as follows.

1. Block building happens randomly

The timing of block building within Ethereum network is determined by proof of work algorithm thus blocks can occur randomly . For example, ETH sent to the SDAO Pre-ICO Contract in the very end of distribution may not be included in that period. You should understand that the Ethereum blockchain may not include your transaction at the time you expect and you may not receive SDAO Tokens at the same day when you send ETH.

2. Network Congestion

Please be also aware of possible periodic congestion might happens in the Ethereum network than transactions can be delayed or lost. Some individuals can spam the Ethereum network in attempt to gain an advantage in cryptographic tokens purchasing. You should understand that Ethereum miners not include your transaction in block when you expect or your transaction may not be included at all. This is Ethereum blockchain network restriction and not restriction of the SDAO Pre-ICO Contract.

3. Account Control

Do not send ETH to the SDAO Pre-ICO Contract from an account that you do not control SDAO Tokens will be charged to the ETH account from which ETH was received.

How Pre-ICO Crowdsale Smart Contract works

Our smart contracts are designed to handle presale distribution of Solar DAO tokens (SDAO). We call this presale: Preliminary ICO (Pre-ICO).

Please, check twice that you are totally understand major features before investing or interacting with these contracts:

  • Initial tokens price is 1 US Dollar = 1 SDAO token
  • There are bonuses with value that depends on time of investing (check the Solar DAO website)
  • We have maximum amount of $4M ($4’000’000). When we reach it presale finishes immediately
  • Project Team is able to stop presale at any time
  • You can not transfer SDAO tokens during presale and before the ICO ends
  • No refund or moneyback is available during Pre-ICO
  • Dev team is able to withdraw Ether at any time during or after presale




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How to get Solar DAO Tokens step by step

29.07.2017 — 0

How to purchase and manage Solar DAO Tokens

You can store all your tokens (Ethereum) in one wallet. At first, you should have Ethereum wallet. The most easy way to get it is to use MyEtherWallet.

MyEtherWallet is a free, open-source, client-side interface for generating Ethereum wallets & more. Using it you don’t need to download the whole blockchain. Here’s a link to use it:

Please, DO NOT send Ether to smart contract from crypto exchanges. You can lose your funds.

Step 1. Creating new wallet.

Go to, make up reliable password and enter it here:

Click the button “Create New Wallet”.

Step 2. Save your wallet.

Download a back-up UTC file by pushing the following button:

Then click on the “Continue” button.

Step 3.

You will be given a personal private key that should be saved.

To be totally safe, do not store your private key on your computer. Instead of it click and “Print Paper Wallet”. It will be your “cold” storage.

Step 4. Open your wallet

Choose “Keystore File (UTC / JSON)” from the list on the next page and then select your back-up file you previously saved. You can also access your wallet with private key you had to save in previous step.

After selecting you are to enter password.

Unlock your Wallet by pressing the button.

You will see your Ether address and the Account balance there.

Below the Account Balance, you will see the Tokens box. You can click on “Show All Tokens” to view all the tokens. If you have participated in earlier ICO’s and you will see the balance of the token there. If it doesn’t exist there, you click add Custom Token.

Step 5. Add SDAO Tokens

Right now your wallet cannot see SDAO tokens. Now we need to “add” them. Complete the form in previous step using information below:

  • Token smart contract address: 0x646Cec6ee42d258336165cBbD5deB4AF14F0f476
  • Token symbol: SDAO
  • Decimals: 4

When you finish, click ‘Save’.

Once added, you can see these tokens and the token value in the same page.

Step 6. Purchase some SDAO tokens (if you didn’t)

Go to and click “Invest now” button.

Accept conditions to continue.

Here you should see new block with details to invest. Here you need the crowdsale contract: 0x1103849f41222A4C348515331f0E734D4bD9AD34.

Copy contract address. Next you should send your Ether to crowdsale smart contract address (token sale address) with correct gas limit value.

Step 7. Send your Ether to get SDAO tokens

To get tokens you just need to send desired amount of Ether to crowdsale smart contract address you copied in previous step. You will get your tokens with all bonuses automatically back on your wallet.

Please, DO NOT send Ether to smart contract from crypto exchanges. You can lose your funds.

Complete the form “Send Ether & Tokens” with correct address a gas limit.

Please use 210 000 gas limit when participating in Solar DAO Pre-ICO.

Click “Generate Transaction” and “Send Transaction” buttons.

Step 8. Check your SDAO token balance.

If you feel that something went wrong, please look through this guide once again and check all things you’ve done.

If something goes wrong, please do not hesitate to ask any question from our community in Telegram:

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[!] Crowdsale Smart Contract Migration

28.07.2017 — 0

Due to security reasons, Solar DAO crowdsale smart contract migrated to another address. Please pay attention. New contract works fine.

Attention, please!

We migrated crowdsale smart contract:

  • Old: 0xAdb6E66F41FEA754Ea91D46c63E5211b889AAEcb (doesn’t work)
  • NEW: 0x1103849f41222A4C348515331f0E734D4bD9AD34

Why did we do that??

To prevent users’ funds theft. We hired 3 teams to audit our contract before final deployment. They did not find any problems and risks.

But our brave programmers have found theoretical****possibility to change contract owner. It means hackers could change it and steal funds and tokens. To prevent this we had to deploy new contract version.

Finally, several hours ago we deployed new safe contract version and connected it with token smart contract. New contract does not have problems previous one had.

We are totally serious and responsible about our users’ funds. We are very attentive and picky about smart contracts security. Thanks to the attention and scrutiny of our programmers we managed to prevent funds theft.

What next?

Now all smart contracts work correcty and could be safely used.

In addition, we added additional service to monitor our smart contract in the 24/7 mode. If something happens we will be informed immediately.

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How to set up an Ethereum wallet for Solar DAO tokens

26.07.2017 — 0

To see your SDAO tokens balance you need to add info about them. Here are 4 steps you need to do.

At a glance. Just add custom token in your Ethereum wallet

  • Below wallet balance click button “Add Custom Token”
  • Enter Token smart contract address: 0x646Cec6ee42d258336165cBbD5deB4AF14F0f476
  • Enter Token symbol: SDAO
  • Enter decimals: 4

Step by step manual

Below the Account Balance, you will see the Tokens box. You can click on “Show All Tokens” to view all the tokens. If you have participated in earlier ICO’s and you will see the balance of the token there. If it doesn’t exist there, you click add Custom Token.

After that your wallet is able to see SDAO tokens. Once added, you can see these tokens and the token value in the same page.

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