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Press Release. Now Anyone Can Reduce CO2 In a Few Clicks

15.08.2018 — 0

15.08.2018 — Tallinn

The world’s first blockchain solar plants construction initiative explained how everyone can participate against the Climate Change.
Solar DAO is the first blockchain project providing any person with the opportunity to become a solar plant co-owner. Recently, the SDAO project has celebrated its 1st Birthday, publishing the annual report, and decided to join the Climate Chain Coalition.

There are 3 main ways to act against the climate change, and we take them all

— said Dmitriy Solodukha, founder and CEO of Solar DAO.

The first one is the active position. One can beat poison emissions by expanding the live trees area. One grown tree can absorb almost 40 kilograms of CO2 per year, so you just need to plant it. Solar DAO is often performing special contests and events for its Community. Not so long ago we held a «Plant a Tree» contest, and are already preparing a new one.
Solar DAO Contest participant — Corina Pascu

The second way you can stay against the global warming is to become greener. So does Solar DAO, as solar energy is the leader of alternative energy sources. Constructing a solar plant help to avoid tons of CO2 emissions. For example, the future 4 MW solar farm in Kazakhstan, which is under Solar DAO’s implementation, will reduce 3 760 000 kilograms of poison each year. This amount can be compared to 97 445 grown trees’ absorption.

The last but not least way to help our planet is cooperating and teaching. Solar DAO is now one of the Climate Chain Coalition members, so the blockchain projects start to cooperate for the global mission, and everyone now should take a part in it.
Join the Solar DAO project!
the Solar DAO project is the newest format of a financial instrument that will allow users to easily, anonymously and safely invest in the construction of solar power plants around the world, avoiding the costs of intermediary expenses, arranging transactions and excluding technical and other barriers.

Solar DAO
“GOTOSOLAR OÜ” Roosikrantsi tn 2-K490, Tallinn, Estonia, 10119

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Kazakhstan Projects: Tenders for the Tariff, Results & Plans

14.06.2018 — 0

Dear Community!

As you know, all of the successful projects live each week like a year. Almost all of the Solar DAO efforts was accumulated in the offline work. In addition to our main tasks of solar project selection, we’ve had time to start the new marketing campaigns, give a lecture about the Blockchain & Solar Energy to the children, and start a small green contest.

Aleksander Melekhavets lecturing about the Solar Energy | Solar DAO green contest

You may also remember the plan for Kazakhstan projects implementation which we started to follow. For the sake of profitable work and minimal risks, we were needed to participate in two stages of Tariff Bidding. We aimed to implement 1MW + 2MW + 5MW with different proportions of Equity and Debt financing.

The first Tender Fase on 28th of May was not held at all due to lack of bids.

According to the legal rules, it needs to be at least 3 participants bidding for the 150% of suggested quota.

On the second short period of time, we needed to prepare for the Tender on June 6.

Our team has succeeded with the financial partnership. The rule for Tender participation is to have enough funds to bid. In order to do it and to get the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), we agreed to accept a $300’000 financial guarantee from our partner in return for the interest.

Thus, Solar DAO was to:

  • Provide our partner with a return of at least 20%
  • Save its share of 25%, required for goals and profitability. In other cases, we and community don’t need such a project.

Summed up this conditions, the minimal tariff advantageous for Solar DAO was $0,095/kWh.

The second Tariff Tender took 9 companies (92,9 MW in total) bidding for 20 MW quota. During the 3-hour session, the tariff was decreased from $0.105/kWh to $0.088/kWh. Finally,** such conditions were not suitable for our needs and the funds attracted for this bidding .**

Instead, we have collected the necessary partner contacts, passed all the stages getting experience, and did not waste the funds.

What’s next?

  • We continue our work in Kazakhstan. The next step is to attract the funds for this projects but with more loyal and comfortable conditions. We are sure about success, as we will have more time for negotiations and to be prepared.
  • The next Tender in Kazakhstan with 12,5 times bigger quota (250 MW) will take place in October. Solar DAO definitely going to take a part there.
  • We have already started to select the profitable opportunities for construction in Bulgaria, Asia, and the Middle East.
  • Within a few weeks, we plan to boost our marketing campaign in order to attract more financial partners for our projects.

Stay tuned!

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Energy consumption per capita. Country Ranking

25.04.2018 — 0

From 2000 to 2013, global energy investments have increased by 100%. It’s not just about popularizing renewable energy since the lion’s share of electricity needed of the population is generated as earlier — from fossil energy sources. Besides the rapid growth of global energy consumption, mankind has to face the increase of harmful emissions and environmental worsening.

Total world’s energy consumption increasing

To visually show the responsibility’s share of each person and to note which countries should try to reduce electricity consumption or accelerate the green energy transition, let’s look at the World Bank’s report on the energy consumption per capita in different countries:

Energy consumption per capita, 2015

For the sake of clear result, consumption is calculated in fuel equivalent — the amount of oil needed to provide a certain level of energy.

Top 10 Leaders in Energy Consumption:

Resource: World Bank Group

Necessary to know

To really understand how important it is to care for the environment, we want to show how “expensive” electricity is.

Take for example an ordinary home light bulb with a power of 100 watts. Let’s leave the lights on throug the whole year*(sure, you will need to replace the bulb several times, you know :))*.

Let’s make a simple calculation:

  • 24 hours a day = 8760 hours per year.
  • 0.1 kW multiply by 8760 = 876 kW/hour.

In order to ensure the operation of one bulb during the year, we need to:

  • Burn 320 kg of coal (1 ton of coal approximately gives 2500 kW/hour)
  • Spend 2 hours for a wind turbine with a capacity of 1.5 MW, 25% of efficiency.
  • Take 35 minutes for a solar power plant with a capacity of 1.5 MW (an area of ​​about 3 hectares, imagine!).
  • Decay 16 grams of Uranium.
  • Spend 2.5 hours of a hydro-electric turbine operation, with a capacity of 339 kW.

We wanted to show clearly that any extra consumption of electricity is detrimental to ourselves. Please, love renewable energy and save resources.

Do you have other examples? What resources does the electrical device work cost? Put in the comments, we will be glad to discuss!