Blockchain weekly digest

Blockchain: Last Week Updates. #SDdigest

03.12.2018 — 0


Blockchain weekly digest

Blockchain: Last Week Updates. #SDdigest

03.12.2018 — 0

Find out the latest updates and trends in the world of digital assets through our #SDdigest.

  • Switzerland’s oldest institution of higher learning, the University of Basel, makes the co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin an honorary doctor.

    Buterin, Ethereum founder

    The Swiss educational institution which was founded in 1460 was full of praise for the blockchain visionary announced:

    He is an exceptionally creative and innovative thinker who has been instrumental in shaping the digital revolution from an early age.

  • BP and Shell’s blockchain-based oil trading platform Vakt goes live. Blockchain seen as solution to boost margins and to drastically reduce costs. Vakt digitises and centralises what was previously a mountain of a paperwork shared between all the parties involved in each deal.
  • A decentralized application (dApp) based on the Ethereum (ETH) network will begin rewarding residents of Manila, the Philippines, with ETH for cleaning up a heavily polluted beach in the capital city of the nation.

    Philippines, beach

    Joseph Lubin, an Ethereum co-creator and the CEO of ConsenSys, the largest blockchain software development firm in the world, said:

    In Manila, participants will be paid in ETH for spending a few hours cleaning up one of the most heavily polluted beaches in the world. Bounties Network and ConsenSys Impact are proving a new model where people fund causes directly without intermediaries.

  • Huawei Cloud, the cloud services arm of Huawei Global, has announced the launch of its Blockchain Service (BCS). It is now available to a global audience on Huawei Cloud’s international website. The service allows global entrepreneurs and developers to create, deploy and manage blockchain applications on Huawei Cloud, at a blistering pace and cheaper cost.

    Bitcoin, Huawei
  • The second largest container terminal operator in Hong Kong, has joined the TradeLens project, a blockchain-enabled technological solution developed by Maersk and IBM. And now adopts blockchain to document logistics data. TradeLens seeks to digitize and streamline processes in the global supply chain to deliver higher efficiency and lower cost. It already includes more than 20 port operators and terminals around the globe.

    Blockchain, Shipping
  • Tech giant Asus is now making it possible for gamers to use the excess processing power of their graphics cards to earn some profit from crypto mining. The company has entered into a partnership with a mining app provider known as Quantumcloud. Under this partnership, Asus and Quantumcloud will allow gamers to earn “passive income” by providing access to their Asus graphics cards (also known as GPUs) when these cards aren’t being used for PC-related functions.

    Have a nice and productive week everyone! See you next Monday!

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