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The Current State of the Solar Energy Industry

23.01.2019 — 0

Solar energy was the first source of energy since the beginning of the world. Technologies and innovations have come but after all, we’re turning back to using solar energy. Solar energy is environment-friendly, it does no harm to our environment, other sources of energy like fossil fuels have caused numerous environmental complications. Companies are now switching from using fossil fuels to another source of energy that doesn’t contaminate the environment. 

Among all alternatives that are being adopted due to the environment-friendly nature, hydropower is leading followed by solar energy. People have also been noted to change from hydropower to solar energy because it is cheap and naturally occurring. Solar energy doesn’t require monthly subscriptions as in hydropower. Once you have installed the solar panels no one will be in control of your power.

Alistair Kay, the editor at Green Business Watch, is passionate about solar panels, but he knows that he has to work hard to make this passion felt in the wider population. “We know that what most people want to know about solar panels is how much money they will save as a result of having them fitted to their homes. They want hard data.”

To many people, solar energy is limited to the use of solar panels to collect energy to light our homes but that is not the case, there are integrated systems that use solar energy to do wonders. Solar energy as an industry is recording innovations on a weekly basis. Here is a list of some of the amazing solar energy systems that have been developed recently:

1. The Solar Powered Roads

The solar-powered road was first installed in Normandy, France. Solar panels were installed on the road collects solar energy which is used to light led bulbs in the road and also melting snow during the winter weathers. Route 66, America has also been installed with solar-powered roads.

2. Solar water purifiers

This is an amazing device that purifies water for drinking when it is exposed to the sun. This device does not necessarily need to be put in direct sunlight, it can draw energy from the visible sunlight.

3. Solar Thermal Fuels

This is a chemical that absorbs solar radiation and stores it for some days. The stored energy is then used as a source of heat to cook. The technology that is used in solar thermal fuel is the same with that of typical batteries. Solar thermal fuel technology is expected to replace the use of firewoods in cooking. By embracing this technology we will be saving our forests.

4. Wearable solar

We have heard about solar charging mobile phones and watches but the solar energy industry is advancing day by day, now small solar panels can be installed on fabrics and clothes. This technology is now used in home window curtains to collect energy which is later used to warm the house when temperatures are low. It has also led to heated car seats.

5. Solar Panel Tracking and Mounting Systems

This is an amazing technology that is meant to increase the efficiency of solar panels. The tracks installed in the panels are able to know the direction of sunlight, after knowing the direction the solar panel automatically rotates to face the sun directly. When sunlight hitting the solar panel directly from the sun there is an increased amount of radiation collected.

Solar energy is growing, creative ideas and innovations are implemented. These innovations are aiming to increase the efficiency of radiation collection in solar panels and storage in batteries. By 2050 solar energy is expected to be the largest source of energy for industries

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